“Food is Nature’s Medicine.” Dr. Wolf Funfack

The Future Of Weight Loss

In January, the results of the Look AHEAD Trial, the largest United States weight-loss study using diet and exercise alone, were published in Obesity, the official journal of The Obesity Society. The Look AHEAD Study demonstrated significant long-term weight loss through Intensive Lifestyle Intervention (ILI). Thomas Wadden, Ph.D., a professor of psychology at the University of Pennsylvania and author of the study, is quoted with saying "While some people may be able to lose weight and build healthy habits on their own, others benefit from lifestyle counseling by a registered dietitian or other health professional." ... "With long-term data showing that ILI works, weight loss programs in 2014 and beyond will likely center on this type of counseling".

Because the Look AHEAD Study was a randomized controlled clinical trial conducted at 16 medical centers, its methodology and therefore its results may not be immediately transferable. Over time, though, many of it can and will find practical application in mainstream weight loss programs - just as Professor Wadden predicts.

Interested nutrition professionals will not have to wait, though, because such a solution already exists – invented more than 10 years ago in Germany by Dr. Wolf Funfack, the metabolic balance® Program combines Intensive Lifestyle Intervention with an Individualized Nutrition Plan.

An independent metabolic balance® Study by the Hochrhein-Institute, published in the Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism, proved that metabolic balance® is an extremely effective program for weight loss, which also has a positive effect on both health and personal quality of life. These conclusions were very similar to the results and observations of the Look AHEAD Study:

  • Weight regain is one of the biggest problems facing efforts to combat the epidemic. After 1 year 68% of study participants in the Look AHEAD trial lost ≥5% of body weight and 37.7% lost ≥10%. The metabolic balance® Study showed comparable results with 62.5% of participants losing ≥5% of body weight and 31.1% ≥10%. Both methods more than doubled the best results (31% lost ≥5%) from a 2011 comparison of commercial or primary care led weight reduction programs in the UK.
  • The Look AHEAD findings demonstrate that a substantial degree of long-term weight loss is possible. This success is "likely due to the intensive and comprehensive nature of the lifestyle intervention, and confidence in the study’s findings is underscored by the trial’s excellent rate of retention." The authors of the metabolic balance® Study draw similar conclusions: "The main reasons for the high degree of compliance in our study sample appear to be individually designed nutrition plans and personal counseling that bind the clients to 'their' nutrition program. We conclude that program adherence turns out to be a major factor of successful long-term weight reduction, which leads us to recommend a shift of focus. The emphasis of any dietary program should be set on both, the aspect of nutrition as well as the aspect of motivation."

According to Adam Tsai, MD, the Obesity Society Public Affairs Chair, "intensive lifestyle interventions, like Look AHEAD, can be successful for people affected by obesity and overweight across the board, regardless of racial-ethnic background, and can lead to improvements in quality of life, mood, mobility, fitness and reduced need for medication. The next step is to replicate interventions like Look AHEAD, but at a lower cost and for more people, and to determine which individuals can benefit most."

While the Look AHEAD Trial required participants to attend 12 individual and 30 group sessions during the first year, the metabolic balance® Program typically entails 10 sessions over 3-6 months. Despite this much more affordable approach, metabolic balance® delivers comparable weight loss results and demonstrates remarkable improvements in health and quality of life: "In the long term, the improvement in triglyceride levels was highly significant. There was also a significant improvement for the total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol levels.""While at the baseline assessment, 14.2% of participants had a metabolic syndrome, this diagnosis applied to only 3.9% of the subjects at 12 months."

As an established weight management program with almost one million clients, predominately in German speaking countries, Dr.Funfack's metabolic balance® Program implements an unique combination of individualized nutrition and lifestyle coaching, which is as effective as it is affordable.

While practicing as a MD of internal medicine and nutritional medicine, Dr. Funfack's treatment of many obese patients prompted the search for an effective dietary and nutritional solution. Based on extensive experience as a nutrition specialist he developed the metabolic balance® Method in 2001. A scientific blood analysis forms the basis of the metabolic balance® Plan. The metabolic regulation and nutrition program aims first and foremost to keep the insulin and blood glucose levels low, using a special selection of natural foods, thus bringing the metabolism back into a balanced state. As a result, the body is supplied with precisely the foods and nutrients that it needs. The individually tailored metabolic balance® Nutrition Plan provides participants with a guide for a healthy lifestyle.

metabolic balance® is growing in North America and health & wellness professionals interested in adding the metabolic balance® Method to their practice can contact us here. To learn more about the metabolic balance Program visit Metabolic-Balance.Com or sign up for one of the upcoming metabolic balance® Information Webinars.

The metabolic balance® Program does not diagnose or treat any medical conditions and does therefore not replace the usual consultations with a medical practitioner - especially in relation to any symptoms or illnesses requiring medical supervision.