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  • The All-Natural way to …

    solve your weight problems ... permanently

    balance your hormones and metabolism

    optimize your health and increase energy

    enjoy a new rewarding and vitalized lifestyle

    be fit and healthy at any age!

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  • The secret can be found in nature ...

    Nature offers the raw materials and healing powers to replenish and nourish your cells!

    Learn how to restore your metabolism and
    hormonal balance.

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  • metabolic balance® is for your enjoyment and well-being.....

    metabolic balance embraces a natural diet. Learn healthy and nutritious ways to improve your metabolism  and weight naturally. Discover how to tap into your natural 'fat-burning' processes!

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Affiliation with CANNP

CANNP is a Canadian professional Association delivering outstanding Member benefits and empowering nutritionists with a strong collective voice.



Become a coach

Are you a health practitioner and would you like to become a certified metabolic balance® Coach?

From now on you do not have to wait for an upcoming certification seminar anymore.

You can start studying at any time. Start today and register for the online course.



A Program Tailored to Your
Unique Body Chemistry.

Finally, a scientific solution based on more than 30 of your blood values that leads to natural sustainable weight adjustment.


Balanced Metabolism.
Balanced Life.

Wholesome natural foods. Balanced carbs and protein. Natural adjustment.No hunger. No cravings. No plateau. And yes, you can dine out!


Designed Just for You.

Receive an individualized food plan based on your unique blood values. Innovative four-phase program. Structured and easy to follow. Personal coaching sessions. Your road map to lasting success.


Balanced Wellness.

Experience the empowerment of optimized wellness and improved health. Feel energized and fantastic! We invite you to try this remarkable program yourself.


Affiliation with the Edison Institute of Nutrition

We are excited to announce our affiliation with Edison Institute of Nutrition in Canada. Our goal is to bring our coaches the best possible education and opportunities for future success.


Success Stories

Ana Pereira

Metabolic Balance Success Story by Ana Pereira

"This is the story of my weight loss and a life change with Metabolic Balance...

Kathryn's Story

I started with Melanie Hesketh at the beginning of this year. I was very nervous to do this but I knew I had to lose weight. more

Joel's metabolic balance experience

I feel in debt to metabolic balance and my coach Melanie Hesketh for making my life for the better. It has improved my lifestyle, health and confidence. more

Adam's Story

Adam Turner is a 36 year old male from Toronto, Ontario. When his trainer met him in August of 2011, he weighed in at 471lbs. more

I have nearly reached my goal by losing 50 pounds - with a few more to go.

The program and coaching have been excellent, and that has certainly contributed to my weight loss.
More importantly, it has changed my whole outlook on nutrition and on what I'm putting into my body.
I enjoy food more and eat much less! I never thought I would actually attain this type of healthy mind set.
With some personal commitment, help from my coach and a phenomenal program (metabolic balance®) I have achieved all of that.
I look forward to continuing with my new lifestyle.
I'm very pleased and feel great!

Best regards,
Michaela Hatch

it's time for you to get balanced

  • No Pills
  • No Shakes
  • No Injections
  • No Cravings
  • No Hunger

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