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Gründer Founders

The founders of the metabolic balance®-nutritional program

The founder of the program, internist and nutrition expert Dr. Wolf Funfack, developed the metabolic balance ® system in collaboration with Sylvia Bürkle, a graduate Engineer of Nutrition and Food Technology. Metabolic Balance GmbH & Co. KG began in 2002 in Isen, Germany and is based on decades of experience and clinical research in nutrition, obesity and related metabolic disorders. Hundreds of thousands have successfully applied the metabolic balance® method leading to long term enhanced wellness, ideal weight and physical harmony.

Dr. med. Wolf Funfack

After completing his dissertation on "Infant and early Childhood Obesity" Dr. Funfack practiced 25 years as a Doctor of Internal medicine and as a Nutritionist. His years of experience with many different diet and nutrition programs motivated him to develop the metabolic balance® system. He teamed up with Sylvia Bürkle, and the program was quickly recognized as an extremely effective all-natural method for optimizing health, balancing hormones, reducing weight, and permanently keeping excess weight off.

Nutritional Technology Engineer Silvia Bürkle

Mrs. Bürkle is an Engineer of Nutrition and Food Technology with the focus on Pathophysiology and Dietetics. Ms. Bürkle committed more than 15 years to product development and quality assurance in the food industry. She developed and led nutrition counseling and cooking seminars for various major health insurance companies. Today she is a devoted lecturer at the metabolic balance® Training Institute and serves as a consultant for health practitioners and public schools.

Birgit Funfack, CEO

For more than 20 years Birgit Funfack has been active in the healthcare industry as a lecturer and natural healer. Her expertise includes Neuro Linguistic Programming, Psychokinesiology and Systemics. Since the day she started her academic the topics of obesity and healthy nutrition have been of profound interest to her. She teamed up with Dr. Funfack and Mrs. Bürkle and founded the Metabolic Balance GmbH & Co. KG. Since 2002 she has led Metabolic Balance GmbH &Co. KG as its managing director.